7-Eleven Singapore is Having S$1 Deal this December!

Its December, and 7-Eleven Singapore is celebrating this winter with many limited S$1.00 deal now!

*T&Cs apply. Promotion is valid till 20 December 2022, or while stock last!

It’s finally December! Can you believe it?

End the year with sweet deals and refreshing teas like those of Seasons Ice Lemon Tea Zero Sugar, Authentic Tea House Oolong Tea, Heaven & Earth Lychee Rose Tea, Dilmah Green Tea Arabian Jasmine Ice Tea, Nutriwell Reduced Sugar Assorted Flavours.

Other beverages up for grabs include Coca-Cola Original Taste, Ribena Blackcurrant Light, Pocari Sweat Isotonic Water!

Get some titbits to go along with these beverages, such as the yummy Meiji Yan Yan, and Yami Sponge Cake with Tiger Skin.

[DEALS AT $1] Here is another round of 7-Eleven’s Deals at $1 dashing (through the snow ❄️) to you! It’s finally…

Posted by 7-Eleven Singapore on Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Check out these amazing deals going for only S$1.00 now:

Pocari Sweat Isotonic Water 500ml (UP $2.30)

Seasons Ice Lemon Tea Zero Sugar 500ml (UP $2.30)

Authentic Tea House Oolong Tea 500ml (UP $2.60)

Heaven & Earth Lychee Rose Tea 500ml (UP $2.50)

Coca-Cola Original Taste 500ml (UP $2.90)

Ribena Blackcurrant Light 450ml (UP $2.90)

Dilmah Green Tea Arabian Jasmine Ice Tea 300ml (UP $2.60)

Nutriwell Reduced Sugar Assorted Flavours 475ml (UP $1.90)

Meiji Yan Yan Chocolate/Strawberry 50g (UP $1.80)

Yami Sponge Cake with Tiger Skin Assorted Flavours (UP $1.50)

These deals last until 20 Dec 2022, so grab yours quickly at a 7-Eleven store near you today!