Recall of Good’s Banana Cake from Malaysia Due to Presence of Sorbic Acid (SFA)

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) detected the presence of sorbic acid in ‘Goods’ banana cake (imported by Goods Huat Hee Marketing) at levels exceeding the maximum limit for sorbic acid stated in the Singapore Food Regulations.

2 As a precautionary measure, SFA has directed Goods Huat Hee Marketing to recall the implicated product.

The recall is ongoing.


3 Sorbic acid is a permitted food additive that is used for preservation purposes. Consumption of the affected product is unlikely to pose any adverse health effect due to its low toxicity.

4 Consumers who have consumed the implicated product and have concerns about their health should seek medical advice. Consumers may contact their point of purchase for enquiries.

Issued by SFA
1 Jul 2022