Grab Premium Salmon at S$2.90 from Norwegian Salmon ATM Vending Machine

Norwegian Salmon ATM – Vending Machine is having a promotion now for their PREMIUM NORWEGIAN SALMON at S$2.90 ONLY!

(*Usual price is S$8.80 for 200G SALMON.)

Available in Singapore Only!
Locate the nearest ATM on

NORWEGIAN SALMON PTE LTD is a fast growing company in Singapore, dedicated to THEIR VISION “Premium Norwegian Salmon Products thru TIME & COST effective solutions”.

They invented World’s First Norwegian Salmon ATM, which is able to reach out to consumers directly & conveniently to fulfil THE VISION.

Now Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd has opened doors to Global Franchising of their World’s First Norwegian Salmon ATM.

For more details, visit their official Facebook page HERE.