Old Airport Road Wanton Noodle (Bukit Panjang)

Ever heard of the old Airport Road Wanton Noodle?

We tried this self-acclaimed “TOP 10Wanton Noodle in Singapore, at their outlet in Bukit Panjang area..

According to the official Facebook page HERE, their homemade recipe started since 1980’s, and improved through out the years.

All orders are cooked only upon order using the freshest ingredients sent to them by their supplier daily, and they strive to provide quality over quantities.

Every fine details is taken care of,
We grille & marinate our own Char Siew
We marinate & wrap our own Wanton & Dumpling
We fried our own Pork Lard
We make our own Chilli
We boil our own Soup Base

Lastly, they don’t buy ready ready made stocks.
Rest assure you won’t find the same taste elsewhere.

The stall is operated by a 3-person team, who are likely below age of 35’s.. which is a rare sight for a chain-concept food stall business in Singapore.

As they are all relatively young, service is swift and also courteous!

We ordered their dry Signature Wanton Noodle at S$4.00 per bowl, which is considered slightly expensive, as compared to other nearby neighbourhood stalls which sells between S$3.00 to S$3.50 normally..

The portion is rather small for S$4.00 with just one miserable fried wanton, a few slices of Char Siu (Chinese roasted pork belly), bits of vegetables and noodles with special sauce at the bottom..

However, after mixing the noodle well with their special sauce, the noodle taste slightly flavory to chew on..

There are 3 tiny wanton inside their clear tasteless soup that’s really normal..

However, the Char Siew slices are way too dry and hard, with hardly any scent of Char Siew and looks really commercially-produced..

Overall, this wanton noodle is really one of the worst we ever tried..

It is seriously tasteless, portion is pathetically small and rather expensive for a food stall in a neighbourhood coffeeshop (at West side area somemore!).

Lastly, to print on their signboard that they are “TOP 10Wanton Noodle in Singapore is really an overstatement and an insult to other wanton noodle sellers in Singapore..

..and guess what, we are not the only one feeling the same, look at this negative comment on their official Facebook page!

Anyway, for those still wanting to give it a try, here is their location:

Block 259 Bangkit Road 
#01-34 (Fu Yuan Foodcourt)
Singapore 679970

*for their other branches, please click HERE.

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