Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique

Birds of Paradise, while the name of the store would hardly resonate with a specialty store selling gelato and ice-cream, the shop is actually highly popular on social media for its Instagramable façade.

The store started out in the popular food enclave in Katong and has since opened another outlet at Changi Jewels

Apart from its beautiful shopfront drenched in a myriad of mellow pastel colours and motifs of flamingos, the distinguishing factor that set them apart from the usual gelato stores is that their gelatos flavours are inspired by natural botanical elements. 

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Think Strawberry Basil, Spiced Pear, Basil, Earl Grey & Lemongrass, Sea-salt Hojicha, White Chrysanthemum, Midnight Gianduja, though there are still some more common flavours like dark chocolate sorbert.

For S$4.70, you get a single scoop or S$7.70 for a double. 

They also have freshly-made Thyme-infused cones if you prefer to have your ice-cream in a cone. We tried out their Strawberry Basil and Midnight Gianduja flavours in single cone.

Strawberry Basil which is described as “The tang of red strawberries is rounded off with the mellow tones of a basil infusion”. 

To us, it tastes like strawberry but definitely with an after-taste of raw veggies (basil). It didn’t taste bad but it was a funny feeling to us to combine the sweetness of fruits with the strong aroma of basil.

For Midnight Gianduja, it is described as Italian hazelnuts & dark chocolate in a scoop of jet-block goodness.  This taste just like strong chocolate to us, and it was good.  I guess we are not the adventurous type and still prefer the usual run-of-the-mill old school flavours.

Unfortunately, we did not get to try the thyme-flavoured cones as it was sold out for the day.

If you are interested in trying out, the details of their outlets is as follow:

Jewel Changi Airport

63 East Coast Road #01-05

or you may visit their official Katong outlet Facebook HERE.

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