Hai Xian Zhu Zhou (Bukit Panjang)

A lot of food blog had covered about this small popular stall in Bukit Panjang area – Hai Xian Zhu Zhou (海鮮煮粥), right within the coffeeshop at Blk 163A Gangsa Road, under the Multi-Storey carpark!

But some unknown reasons, most of them only cover the usual dishes, but not the most “Spicy and Hottest” dish on the menu? Why??

Today, we shall try out the SPICY KOKA (可口) NOODLE~!! (with extra chilli paste!)

Once you reach the Blk 163A Gangsa Road, go to the “Chok Dee Place” coffeeshop, which is right under the multi-storey carpark!

Once you placed & PAID for your order with the boss or the friendly aunties, simply tell them your table number (there is a number tag on each table within the coffeeshop), and proceed to take your crockery and your “poison” – lots of diced chilli padi (Oh yeah!!), fried crushed garlic & some fresh coriander ((or Chinese Parsley) to bring out the favor of the spicy soup!

Our order came within 5 to 7mins, and it really smell deliciously SPICY~

The springy kokda noodles are well-cooked, flavorful and firm, and taste really good with the spicy hot soup!

The sliced pork liver is nicely-cooked and juicy when munched on..

Minced pork meat is easy to chew on and enhanced the taste of the soup!

It’s Really Spicily-Good and Utterly Delicious! Yummy~

There are always queues building up one after the other.. due to its popularity over the years..

This stall is really a MUST-TRY, especially if you a soup noodle fan!

The operating timings may change from time-to-time, it is therefore advisable to check their “UNOFFICIAL” Facebook account for the latest updates. This account seems to be operated by a friend (or someone?) of the shop owner, so far, based on the many feedback received, it’s actually quite accurate! Click HERE to view!

The other details of the stall as below:

Location :
Blk 163A Gangsa Road, Singapore 671163.
(*Right below the Mulit-Storey Carpark)

Operating Hours (subject to changes) :
Monday to Sunday: 4:00am – 2:00pm
(Closed on every Thursday, unless otherwise stated)

​Standard Menu Prices (*subject to changes) :
$3.00 / $3.50 / $4.00 – Delicious Koka Noodle
$3.50 / $4.00 / $4.50 – Spicy Koka Noodle
$3.50 / $4.00 / $4.60 – Seafood Koka Noodle
$3.00 / $3.50 / $4.00 – Pork Bee Hoon
$3.00 / $3.50 / $4.00 – Mee Hoon Kuey
$3.00 / $3.50 / $4.00 – Pork Mee Sua
$3.00 / $3.50 / $4.00 – Shredded Chicken Porridge
$4.50 / $5.00 / $5.50 – Abalone Clam Cuttlefish Koka Noddle
$7.50 – Ah Gong (Grand Father) Koka Noodle

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