Lian Yi BBQ Seafood (Boon Lay Hawker Centre)

BBQ Sambal Stingray, Sambal Lala and Sotong are the top favorites among most diners who prefer spicy BBQ seafood stuffs!

This small stall is located at the recently renovated Boon Lay Hawker Center, is really a hidden gem, selling just a few BBQ seafood dishes, but still managed to capture the heart of many diners..

For a start, the price range is really affordable!
(*Price depending on number of pax) 
Fish – around S$8 to about S$25 
Sotong – around S$8 to about S$15
Prawn – around S$20 to about S$50
Lala – around S$10 to about S$15 

(There are also other cheap fried vegetable dishes too!)

Here are our orders!!

As displayed prominently on their signboard, this popular stall only selling a few popular BBQ seafood dishes..

Quality against Quantity…

The first dish is the mouth-watering Sambal BBQ Stingray on banana leaf, with diced onions, and twist of lime juice..! Arrghhhh~

The stingray served is really fresh and quite a big portion!

Sambal BBQ Stingray on banana leaf

BBQ Spicy Lala (Clam) on banana leaf is also a very popular dish for those clam lovers!

The clam meat is huge and juicy~!!

BBQ Spicy Lala

The BBQ Spicy Sambal Sotong with diced onion is really a “MUST ORDER” dish, as it’s really chewy and sumptuously delicious!

Looks how “fat” is the Sotong.. very chewy & huge too!

Overall the dining experience is good, especially the price, which is very reasonable and affordable!

Definitely worth the visit.. Try all the dishes! Yummy~

| Score: ( 4 / 5 ) Stars |